‘Should it stay or should it go’
It’s such a discipline – keeping what is needed (now or ……. some day) and what is not!  ‘You fill the space you have and once full, this is where we can step in’. Before that call you have various methods to consider.

Some of the current options
In the Island there are various ways to help you become a master of de-cluttering and space creation. It’s all about time and money, have you got any or do you want some?

If you want to make some and if the item has a value it might be worth taking the time to get it in front of the right audience, this may or may not cost you some money but you will get a return.

If you don’t want any money and just want rid you have options, some require transport and and some don’t.

Longue Hougue (off Bulware Avenue)
The gem in Guernsey’s waste management crown. This is the main place for recycling for you (a domestic household). It’s free of charge, the opening times are great and it is very easy and quick to use. Fill up your car, van or trailer, drive down, empty out and go.

There is so much that you can recycle here, you’ll be surprised! It is easier to write down what you cannot take than what you can. Forget it if your thinking of general black bin rubbish, soft furnishings, green waste, asbestos and chemicals.

Follow this Longue Hougue link for the full list of what they accept and opening times. One thing though, do not pick anything up when you’re down there, this of course defeats the whole purpose!

Free advertising
Ecycle is a free service to give unwanted items to others using the Guernsey Press ‘This is Guernsey‘ website. It has a large following and you have the added bonus of your item being placed in the Press, free of charge twice a week. Simply follow the links to post your item and wait for someone to contact you for collection.

If you are a user of Facebook you will find many pages where you can advertise your items for sale or for giving away. Simply snap a photograph of the item on your phone, write a description and cost (or not) and upload it. The only downside is that with so many people using these pages your item very quickly goes down towards the bottom of the page. Search for Free Guernsey Classifieds, Free Advertising Guernsey, E-cycle Guernsey and Guernsey eBay.

Paid advertising
Are the days of the Classifieds numbered? The Guernsey Press would say no! It is true with over 16,000 papers printed daily the reach of the Press is good. However advertising does cost money but if your item is of value and you want to have a wide reach then the Press is still an option. For an online option consider using Trade it Guernsey (TIG), this website is becoming very popular and the rates to advertise are very competitive.

Bulk Refuse
Suitable for end-of-life bulky items that you cannot sell or give away and that you are unable to take to Longue Hougue for recycling. This then could be the service for you. Bulk Refuse will take away 5 items for £15 and you can apply online via the States of Guernsey website at

The above is just a guide to some of the options, we will of course be adding more soon, if you follow any of the above you might not need to use our services!