Who are Space?
Space provide a clearance and labour service to Guernsey householders, we specialise in garage, loft, garden or whole house clearance. We also provide additional services whether you are selling or buying a house or in the unfortunate event of the loss of a relative (Estate services). We are not a removal company and are not able to provide packing and re-location services, we can within our labour services assist on-site should you need an extra pair of hands.

Why should I use Space?
If you want to create some much needed space at a time when it suits and you need some help to do it, that’s a reason to use us.

If you like the fact that we work very hard to re-use or recycle as much as possible using a network of contacts including local charities that’s another reason.

What about the fact that we are very competitively priced, professional, honest, hard working and we even clean up on the way out?

If none of the above sounds like what you need then why not be one of the many who choose to go down the DIY or an alternative route to clearance. For you we have listed some of the options within the pages of our website.

What makes Space different?
What we offer is very new to the Island- a professional, reliable team who help out just when you need it. We are here to assist you in getting some extra and well needed space in your life.

Does Space collect everything and anything?
We try our best but the answer is no. Sorry no pets, unruly teenagers, chemicals, hazardous materials, household bin waste, animal waste or liquids and sludges. Having said all that, if you have a problem that involves clearing, give us a call and we might be able to give you a solution or point you in the right direction.

What do you charge?
We simple charge by the amount of volume/weight removed and the time it takes, we allow for a set time in each ‘sized’ collection and we will advise you of the cost, for approval, prior to starting work. There are some cases where the route to the space shuttle is very long and problematic, we will advise you if we feel this will impact on the allowed time.

In the event of the load being unusually heavy, we will provide you with an estimate for approval and reserve the right to amend the estimate once the final weight and associated tip charges are confirmed. This amendment could be in the form of an additional charge or a credit to your invoice. The States of Guernsey currently has a local tip charge of just over £200.00 per Tonne (for non-recyclable waste). For a full breakdown of our charges see our costs page.

How fast is your service?
We are normally able to provide a quotation within 24 hrs and clear within 3/4 days*. We will provide you with a time of collection which will have a small allowance in case of overrun or extension with the customer before, we will of course keep you posted and call you with an exact time of arrival.

We are able to work outside of normal hours when needed subject to location and access (sorry no total house clearance at 5.15pm on the Grange unless it’s a Sunday) and we do not always require you to be on the property (or gardens) at the time of the clearance.

* If you have a real clearance problem that needs some help quickly we do all we can to assist.

Charities – who do you work with?
We work with loads  Рits hard to list them, there are some of the main one on our charities page but we have helped out so many more of the smaller ones as well. We will be delighted to take items to a chosen charity with pre-confirmed acceptance.

Ownership of items
Much like a skip or ton bag service we take ownership of the items removed from your property and are responsible for their disposal in any manner we see fit. If we do sell any of the items the sale proceeds will, unless previously agreed in writing belong to Space.

Is there a catch?
No, you call us, we come round and give you a price, you accept (or not) and we remove the items either there and then or soon after.

How do I get in contact?
Space is run by David Montgomery, I work another jobs but saw a gap in the market so created Space. To reach David on 07911 75 45 33, email

Should I know anything else?
Not really, its all quite simple but if you are that way inclined, you could always read our T&C’s which are on a page called ‘The Small Print!’