Choices, choices

We are a good one
We want to collect your unwanted items for re-use, recycling or possible disposal. Space is more than a rubbish clearance service. If you have general or mixed rubbish to clear and you think that it cannot be re used or recycled there might be better suited companies for you at a cheaper cost.

Example:- Space does not want to compete with a skip or ton bag company for the job of disposing of your ripped out old kitchen or if you have knocked down a wall or ceiling. This work has a dedicated route for disposal that we cannot improve on. Having said that, if you need a pair of hands with the labour we could assist and clear as well!

The skip or ton bag route

Get to take your time to fill it
You should know the cost prior to each skip or bag being filled
Get to throw everything into each Bag / Skip type, green waste, general household or builders rubble but please don’t mix them
You can order / fill as many as you like and get them collected when you need

You know you are wasting items that could have been re used
You need to have room on-site and you need to have access for the collection(s)
They sometimes get filled by other people
You would not want to be charged for a contaminated load
You have to have the time to fill them up

Here are some of the ‘collection only’ choices if that is the way to go for you – be sure to mention we recommended them.
Ton Bag
Bag it – 07781 440300
Bags ‘R’ Us – 235300

Skip Hire
Skipco – 253856
Skips ‘R’ Us – 24288
Direct Skips – 07781 110824

What can I expect to pay*
Ton bags
– Garden waste from £15, wood from £20, hardcore from £25, general rubbish from £30.

Skip hire – Mini Skips from £80+, large skips from £160+. Best call the company, tell them what you are planning to fill it with, just ask for some guidance.

* Prices vary from supplier to supplier and can be based on contents to be dumped and the potential amount of repeat business you might have. Also please think about the Island and your wallet and do not mix your loads.