To contact Space simple call David 07911 75 45 33.
If we are unable to answer as our hands are sometimes full (and as a rule we do not like to be seen taking calls when working for customers); we will return your call at the next available space (no pun intended) in our schedule. If you are a customer who has a ‘number withheld’ simply send us a text from your mobile so we have a way of reaching you (see below).

What about an email to ?
Sometimes writing a quick email is a good way to explain what you want without having to pick up the ‘dog and bone’, we will reply the same day.

If you prefer, just send us a text to 07911 75 45 33 with a simple message, here are some good examples:
‘If you want a chance of some work you best call me, Sarah’,
‘Help, I need some Space, call me back, no really HELP!’
‘This is a very important potential customer how fast before you can call me?’
‘Can you quote to remove the contents of my loft?’
‘I have been given your name, please call me’
‘Hi, you left your dustpan and brush, come get it before the dog eats it’

Other ways to contact us
Leave a note on one of the van’s (this does not apply to traffic wardens). Just stop us and say ‘Hello’. We have a standing job for the whole team shifting some, err ‘glass’ on the last Friday of each month at our local on the west coast, come join us.