About us

We create the space you need quickly and simply. We are great at providing that extra bit of assistance in helping you clear the garage, loft or garden. SPACE can assist you at any time but we are very handy when you are getting ready for a house valuation or to remove those unwanted items in time for your completion date. We make space possible.

We are passionate about our Island and really do believe in re-using as many items as possible and this is done via our island-wide network of contacts. We are always on the look out for creative ways to re-use and recycle the collected items and our customers use us because of this.

We separate all collections for re-use, recycle or disposal. Once we have removed all re-use items, we use the Islands dedicated recycling facilities for items such as metal, electrics and wood. Unwanted, broken or mixed materials will go to one of the Islands current two locations that sort and separate.

Space Guernsey The space station

Items that can be re-used are taken to a wide range of charities and businesses to sell as second hand goods or to be given out. We also have a great collection of the harder the place items amassing at our sorting {space} station.

This approach allows us to divert as much as possible from landfill whilst directly helping others.


No one likes to think that they have added to our Islands waste problem when there could have been a better alternative. SPACE are that alternative and that’s why our customers prefer to see there unwanted items quickly cleared by us for re-use wherever possible

Our commitment to being as green as possible
Like many of our clients, we are highly conscious of our responsibility to reduce waste and preserve resources. This is why we are committed to recycling and re-using the items we clear. We find a home for things that normally are homeless.

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