Give Space a try
We are an alternative to the self load ton-bag or skip service, we include the labour and the disposal/tip charge*. It is simple, you call us, we come round, give you a price, you accept (or not) and we might be able to remove the items either right there and then or soon after. But that is not the end of our work, we sort your unwanted items for re-use, recycling or disposal.

Estimated costs –

  • 1 cubic yard minimum (including 20 mins labour time) – £40.00
    (1x ton bag equivalent)
  • 2 cubic yards (including  30 mins labour time) – £80.00
    (2x ton bag or a mini skip equivalent)
  • 4 cubic yards (including 60 mins labour time) – £160.00
    (4x ton bags or a little less than a normal builders skip equivalent)**
  • 8 cubic yards (including 1 hour labour time) – £240.00
    (8x ton bags or a larger builders skip equivalent )**
  • 10 cubic yards (including 1 hour 30 labour time) – £290.00
    (10x ton bags or just short of a full truck in old money, not a small amount! Do not worry if you have more that this, we can come back!)

Labour Costs
Our rates are £20.00 per hour with a minimum charge of 1 hour.

* Our fees are calculated by the amount of volume/weight removed and the time it should take, we will advise you of the cost for approval prior to starting work. Please see our questions page or our t&c’s for more details.
** there are two types of skips referred to as ‘builders’ and they differ slightly in size.